Housing for Pastor Yves

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RAISED: $133,131.61

GOAL: $130,000.00

All God's Children's Orphanage is an amazing refuge for over 130 kids!  Any amount of time spent at the orphanage and you can attest that the staff there has their hands full meeting the physical, social and spiritual needs of the children. 

There is one truth extremely evident upon your visit. 

The door to Pastor Yves’ room is never actually closed.  

Yes, the door may be shut but anyone in need of his encouragement, support and prayer are welcome at all hours of the day.  He greets all who come to him with that same joyful smile and a hearty call to come in and rest.  He consistently focuses on the job God has laid before him to support the ministry of GVCM, whatever the cost.  

Yves continues to sacrifice so much for all God has called GVCM to do in Haiti.  He has sacrificed his personal space to ensure others are cared for, to ensure supplies have secured storage, and to allow others to know they are always available, should they be needed.

We are eternally grateful for his years of sacrificial service. The board and staff at GVCM have been in prayer and believes the best way to honor and grow the ministry is to offer our leader a place to call their own, in Haiti, outside the orphanage walls.  In this, we are giving him and his wife a place to rest their weary bodies; a place to escape from the constant need of life in ministry in order to recharge and connect with God. One of the most motivating benefits of building a home for Pastor Yves will be that his wife, Samathe, will spend more time with her husband in Haiti, a possibility she is so excited for! 

Special thanks to Children's World Impact for partnering with GVCM to build this home! Theo Prophete, the architect chosen to draw the building plans, estimates we will need $100,000 to complete Pastor's house. This is a God-sized dream, but we know with God the impossible is a reality!

Join us in honoring this man with a humble place to call his own.