OF196 - Rose Marlene Duclair

Rose-Marlene is a special young woman. She desires to be a nurse, and loves to spend time sewing. 

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OF198 - Jean Olwood

Olwood is an energetic and passionate boy! His smile and hugs are contagious. His favorite things to do are to play cars with his friend and eat- his list of favorite foods goes on and on. ...

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OF200-Betchalouna Noel

Betchalouna is shy, sweet, and very friendly. She enjoys jumping rope, attending church, and studying for school. Her favorite subject in school is French. Betchalouna has a twin sister at the o...

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OF201 - Ketchalouna Noel

Ketchalouna is an outgoing, friendly, and playful young lady! She loves playing soccer with her friends and twin sister. She loves to go to church and to school. Her favorite subject is French. ...

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OF202-Rose-Danaica Estimable

Danaica is a sweet, shy and loving girl! She loves playing with her dolls, going to church, and studying. She's kind and loves to share. She likes to be held and give hugs. When she grows up, sh...

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OF204-Isaac Ledrevil

Isaac is a silly and very playful boy! He has a big imagination and lots of energy. He loves learning math and writing. He enjoys going to church and playing with legos. When he grows up, he wan...

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OF206- Joseph Kenlove

Kenlove has a huge smile which is sure to brighten anyone's day! He has a very tender heart; his name is very fitting as he is extremely loving. He enjoys playing soccer with his friends. He lov...

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OF207- Robenson Saintvil

Robenson is a sweet and quiet boy! He loves going to school, and his favorite subject is math. He enjoys playing with legos and on the playground with his friends. When he grows up, he hopes to ...

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OF208- Zimpagne Noel

Zimpagne is a happy and very friendly young man! He always has a smile on his face. He enjoys playing soccer and helping others. At school, he enjoys learning to speak science. When he grows up,...

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OF209- Michaelle Blanc

Michaelle loves to smile and has a very sweet personality! She loves to jump rope and play cards. She is always sharing and giving hugs to her friends. Her favorite subject is school is French. ...

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OF211 - Wichnaider Sedan

Wichnaider is as sweet as can be with a bit of shyness from time to time! Her beautiful eyes light up when she laughs which she loves to do often. Although she enjoys playing alone, she loves to...

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OF212-Miderline Metellus

Miderline is a creative young lady with a passion for art. She enjoys studying for school and playing with her friends. 

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