OF001 - Abija Fortinat

Abija has a kind and quiet personality. She is extremely intelligent and loves to help other kids with their school work. She, along with most the girls, likes to play basketball.

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OF004-Cheldie Jacques

Cheldie is a quiet young lady with a smile that will melt your heart.  She loves to play with friends and dance.

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OF006-Eventz Emildor

Gelot has a gentle spirit. His favorite subject is English. He likes to play basketball and soccer. Gelot wants to become an engineer. He is a teachable young man and strives to do wel...

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OF010-Orlise Marcelin

Orlise's smile can be seen from far away. Her favorite subject in school is French. She likes to play basketball. 

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OF015-Gaelle Marcelin

Gaelle is a sweet girl. She loves to play with her friends and jump-rope around the orphanage. She wishes to one day to become a doctor. 

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OF025-Marie-Ange Desas

Marie is a very happy girl. She enjoys playing outside with her friends and attending church. She's learning how to be a leader to the other girls in the orphanage. 

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OF064 - Vita Osse

Vita is very intelligent and has a bright future ahead. She is easy going. She has a cheerful personality. She loves to learn and can play basketball very well.  

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OF068-Dieny Avril

This girl is very kind. She loves to help around the orphanage. Her beautiful smile lights up a room and is very contagious.    

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OF078 - Mackenley St Pierre

Mackenley is extremely helpful in the kitchen and doesn't hesitate to jump in to doing physical labor. He has a lot of friends that he enjoys playing sports and hanging out with.

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OF079-Chardson Monasse

Manasse enjoys playing games with his friends and listening to music. His dream is to become an engineer.  

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OF080-Dayane Fifi

Dayane loves to sing around the orphanage with her twin sister Dayana. She is so sweet and loving. She has a great personality and gets along with everyone.

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OF082-Gabriella Claude

Gabriella is a sweet and caring girl. She loves to sing and jump rope with her friends. Her smile is contagious.

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