GVCM Vision Drive

God has placed a vision on the hearts of our board and staff. One which stems from the faithfulness of God in the past and drives us toward a better tomorrow. This vision is one where we are able to meet the growing global needs of those we serve ac...

GVCM Vision Farm Funding

Jesus fed the 5,000 and in this miracle they understood He was the promised prophet. He met their deepest physical needs and that allowed him to meet their even deeper spiritual needs. We have the same hopes for this farm. Practically the farm will h...
$600.00 Raised

Katelyn and Alyssa's December Trip

Katelyn Schroeder
Katelyn and Alyssa will be going to GVCM in Mirebalais at the end of December through the first weeks of January. They will be continuing work from this summer with the older children. Whether donating to one or both of them, you can donate here. All ...